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The Advantages of a Smart Home

Living in a smart home is all about convenience, security, and energy saving. It allows you to manage, even remotely, indoor and outdoor systems such as lights, air conditioning, video surveillance, theft alarms, as well as irrigation, gate opening, and much more. It means to create the best scenarios for adapting home automation to your needs.

However, the efficient implementation of a home automation system requires specialized competences and technicians.


Choose the Future, Smart Starts Here

Our goal is to simplify home life by improving comfort for residents and providing enhanced well-being.


Duemmegi stands for guaranteed quality: only 0.1% of our products have been repaired under warranty in the past 6 years.

Smart Buildings

Duemmegi’s wide range of home automation solutions makes buildings smarter and future-proof.

Duemmegi solutions aim to improve comfort, safety, and energy efficiency, in addition to meeting all installation needs in residential housing.

Home automation technology

to improve the quality of life, and much more


Made in Italy

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Home automation for your home

Live your home the smart way


The main purpose of home automation functions is to provide you with the right comfort and safety when you’re home, and to control the main systems of your home (such as lights, roll up shutters, theft alarms, irrigation) when you’re away. It also ensures energy savings.



Energy Savings


With the Aurora smart switches you can control and manage your home automation system with a simple touch. Aurora home automation smart switches offer the latest technology in the smart home sector combined with total customization of aesthetic finishes, thanks to the keyboard completely separable from the electronics.

Few millimeters thick

Capacitive touch technology

Total customization


Thanks to Duemmegi’s Home Automation, you’re always connected to your smart home. Even when you’re away. Through customized graphics you have total control of all functions. Activate and deactivate the alarm system and air conditioning, dim the lights, and much more!

Customized Graphics

Total Control

Your Connected Home Always at Your Fingertips

Duemmegi Smart Home Automation

Our long and proven experience gives us a competitive advantage. Our concept of home automation is simple: technology serving people’s needs. We have been designing home automation systems for 30 years, with a focus on customer service and making your home a better place to live. Home automation technology is a valuable asset with many available solutions. Leveraging its strong expertise, Duemmegi has created a “Smart Home” showroom, you can visit virtually too, where you can experience home automation scenarios and understand the practical use of the systems.

Duemmegi Benefits

Ease of Use



Long Life

Ease of Use

The home automation system is aimed at
a broad consumer base having no specialized
expertise in this technology, so it must be easy
to use with a user-friendly interface.
It also has to be safe and pose no danger to
those who do not know or understand its capabilities.


An affordable home automation system must
be flexible enough to meet every need, from
the simplest to the most complex.
Duemmegi technology helps the user by
simplifying and speeding up many of the most
common everyday tasks.


The system operates 24/7 and requires no
special care. Even in the event of a failure, it has to
be capable of providing the specific service or a
similar one in the case of reduced operation. It’s
also capable of reporting failures and generating
a report of any anomalies.

Long Life

The system is built keeping in mind that it will
have to provide continuous service over time. It must be virtually fail-safe and easy to repair, even by unskilled personnel. In all cases, it should be possible to quickly return the system to operation.

Duemmegi Home Automation

Addressing Your Need for Innovation

On a technical basis, home automation is the application of electronics and information technology to the smart management of a house. The goal of home automation is to manufacture integrated devices that can interact with each other to automate a range of tasks usually done manually, such as turning on lights, activating alarm systems, adjusting air conditioning or irrigation systems, and so on.

The primary benefit is the automation of everyday tasks. Automation greatly increases the comfort of your home. Using a home automation system, it’s possible to coordinate the management and control of all installed electronic and electrical devices. Onsite or even remotely via smartphone or tablet. . In addition to comfort (for example, a home with the optimal temperature when you come back from work), there are other benefits related to:

  • Security – Monitor your home 24/7 and can simulate your presence in the home when you’re away.
  • Energy savings – Optimize load management, as well as heating and cooling system temperatures according to the time of day, light, and much more.
  • Convenience – Easier management of all functions using a single interface.
  • Value – A home automation system provides long-term value to your home.

A scenario is a feature of the home automation system that allows you to activate a set of actions through a single touch. By touching a simple button on the touch screen, you can turn lights on or off, adjust the temperature and audiovisual systems, activate the irrigation system, manage video surveillance, and many other actions. Scenarios are customizable and simplify the management of everyday routines. They can be activated via touch screen, smartphones, control panels or sensors, or through to pre-set or pre-programmed user inputs.

Imagine your home wakes up with you:

  • the blinds go up to let sunlight into your bedroom and the children's one, so that waking up is as natural as possible.
  • the anti-theft alarm is automatically deactivated.
  • the temperature will automatically adjust based on the indoor and outdoor weather conditions.
  • your favorite music starts playing in your room.

Imagine the away scenario:

  • automatically lower shutters, blinds, shades, and fixtures.
  • all light sources in the house turn off.
  • all appliances turn off and water, gas and other utilities are shut off.
  • the air conditioning system turns off and is set to turn back on one hour before you return home, so that you can enjoy the ideal temperature when you come back.
  • theft alarm systems and video surveillance cameras are activated to prevent intruders from breaking into your home during your absence.

Imagine the cinema scenario that will turn your living room into a movie theater!

  • shutters are lowered or curtains are closed.
  • soft lighting will be activated to recreate the ideal atmosphere.
  • the sound system in home-theater mode will be activated.
  • the movie you want to watch will start.
  • and at the end of the movie the lights will turn back on.

… and so much more.

Home automation solutions allow you to reduce energy use over time. This means a "Smart Home" is able to automatically:

  • control blinds and curtains to make the most of heat and sunlight.
  • activate the air-conditioning system at specific times of the day and under specific temperature conditions.
  • start up appliances as needed.
  • manage dimmable lights.

A home automation system can generate energy savings of up to 30 percent compared to a traditional system. This also means a reduced environmental impact.

A home automation system can be controlled from anywhere. This means it is accessible and controllable inside your home and even outside the reach of a Wi-Fi network by simply using a smartphone or tablet. A smart home can be controlled remotely through a dedicated, user-friendly app. The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Security is a key feature of a home automation system. Security is a key feature of a home automation system. The integrated video surveillance system allows users to configure and activate scenarios depending on environmental inputs or in case of intrusion, optimizing the functionality of the system itself for the safety and security of the residents. In other words, a house with a home automation provides you with enhanced protection.

The energy-load control system enables optimal and fully automatic management of all electrical devices connected to the utility meter. By turning off non-essential appliances, you will avoid disconnection in case of an overload. Costly bills or temporary blackouts will no longer be a problem. The load list can be customized. By managing loads using the home automation system, you’ll optimize consumption without compromising comfort.