Smart Home Functions

Temperatura in una casa Domotica

Home Automation Functions

The home automation functions for your smart home allow you to control, manage, and optimize a range of features related to the daily use of your home. Lights, heating, cameras, irrigation systems – it’s all at your fingertips. Duemmegi has been active in the home automation industry since 1992, developing devices that let your home’s electrical and electronic systems interact in order to make it more comfortable and safer while optimizing consumption.

Perfect Temperature without Waste

Duemmegi researches and develops home automation systems for climate control. Home comfort can be optimized by regulating temperature and humidity, even remotely via smartphone or tablet. Each zone can be individually adjusted using sensors located in every room.

Users can modify, locally or remotely, all operating parameters, set points, and timers to satisfy their preferences and needs. A home automation system also allows you to optimize the energy costs. This is key in properly combining comfort with energy savings.

Are you about to leave the house? The system automatically adjusts the temperature, setting it to minimum consumption levels depending on the season.

Do you want to control your spending? You can monitor consumption on a daily, monthly or annual basis.

Do you have a second home? The system lets you adjust the temperature remotely. Forget about unnecessary waste or calling your neighbor before you leave to turn on the heat in your home!

Home Automation Scenarios: Maximum Flexibility

Scenarios are pre-set configurations that can be recreated with a simple tap of the control panel or the use of a smartphone command, without having to manually set a configuration each time.

Would you like to enter your home with relaxing music, your ideal temperature and soft lights? You can create this scenario and activate it whenever you like.

Do you want to wake up with the right mood, the theft alarm turned off, the shutters raised to the rising sun? You can create and personalize this scenario, and activate it every morning at the preset time.

Do you love movies? Create the theater scenario: forget the 4 needed remote controls in your hand as you lower the blinds and create the right lighting. Configure a pre-set scenario and save it to your home automation system. You only need a touch to activate it, and your home theater system will be ready immediately.

Are you leaving the house? Set the corresponding scenario, and the home automation system will lower the blinds, turn off the lights, shut off the gas, and turn on the perimeter theft alarm for you.

And the great thing is that you can create the scenario you want. You have maximum flexibility and creativity. Just find your ideal set-up and then save it. All you need to do to activate it up is a tap on your iGlass smart switches or send a command with your smartphone or tablet.

Your home should be an easy environment to live in and manage. You no longer need a function? The great advantage of a smart home is that it can be reprogrammed without major interventions, as was instead the case in the past for a traditional system.

Risparmi Energetico grazie alla Domotica per la casa
Controlla la tua casa Domotica con gli assistenti vocali

Talk to Your Home with the Voice Assistant

Duemmegi home automation systems feature an integrated voice assistant, so you can communicate with your smart home eliminating the need to touch a screen or press a button.

Do you prefer an extra couple of degrees in the room? Just say so and the voice assistant will send the command to the temperature control.

Want to dim the lights? No problem – you won’t have to touch a thing. Just tell the voice assistant.

Feel like listening to your favorite music while in the kitchen? Simply ask your built-in voice assistant.

The voice assistant is an invaluable aid, not just as a kitchen timer… it helps you simplify a number of daily actions without any manual intervention, just as if you had an extra person ready to assist. It’s hard to imagine a home without it!

Load Control: No More Surprise Blackouts

A load is a device that consumes electricity. A washing machine, a dishwasher, a hair dryer. How many loads can be turned on at the same time before an overload shut down? Load control helps you to avoid temporary blackouts.

The home automation system allows you to customize load control through special programming. The user can select a list of appliances (called sensitive loads) that the system will automatically turn off when the power consumption threshold is reached, preventing an overload shutdown. When the needed capacity is available again, the system will reactivate loads in real time and in the same order of priority. 

You can also force a manual control of loads. Do you want the oven not to turn off under any circumstances because you are in the middled of baking something? The system will receive the command and, in case of overload, will disconnect the next appliance. You’ll never be surprised by being in the dark again (except for externally occurring phenomena).

Automatic Irrigation Systems: Well-Maintained Gardens and Terraces without Worries

A smart, automatic irrigation system like the one Duemmegi home automation can provide lets you set the watering time. Not only that. Is it raining when the system is supposed to start? The Duemmegi weather station detects wind, sunshine, and rain and, if necessary, can turn off the flow of water. In this way you will save water without making your plants suffer.