Your Home on Smartphones and Tablets

Interfacce Grafiche Smartphone e Tablet per case Domotiche

Your Home on Smartphones and Tablets

A smart home implemented with a Duemmegi system can be remote controlled. You can easily operate your home, navigate between rooms and interact with the home automation system anytime and from anywhere.

Remote Control of Your Home? Thanks to Graphic Interfaces

Graphic interfaces allow you to control your home automation system with a wall-mounted touch screen or remotely via smartphone or tablet. Using mobile devices, you have two solutions:

A dedicated App, downloadable from the Apple Store or Google Play depending on the operating system of your smartphone or tablet. You will be provided with a standard graphic interface that is easy and intuitive to use. If you wish, you can also add a graphic plug-in to the app, which can be purchased separately, in order to get the floor plan interface.

A customizable, purpose-built WebApp for your home automation system. This WebApp for the remote control of your smart home leverages the communication technology used in building automation applications. It is a professional system and is accessible from any kind of device (desktop or mobile) by simply typing in the assigned IP address on your browser. Highly secured and encrypted, it allows you to interact with your home from anywhere in the world – all you need is an internet connection. So, if you forget or misplace your smartphone, or if it is stolen, you’ll never lose control of your automation. The second-level supervisory system (controllable with a graphic interface via WebApp) allows your home automation system to interact with third-party systems as well. This makes it possible for you to integrate your alarm system, air conditioner, and more into your smart home.

Controlla la tua casa da remoto
Controlla la tua casa dallo smartphone

What can you Remotely Control to Quickly and Easily Manage Your Home

Through a remote control, you can control your home at any time, especially when you’re away. In addition to being able to adjust lights and blinds, you can:

monitor indoor and outdoor areas covered by cameras.

check the anti-theft alarm through notifications and see what might have triggered a sensor.

set the volumetric, perimeter or complete alarm.

watch pets or your children while they’re with the nanny in the house during your absence.

You’ll also be able to:

activate and manage scenarios

monitor your smart home automation and energy consumption on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

control the irrigation system.

ith the Duemmegi home automation system you can easily connect to your home and manage it even when you’re not there. That’s convenience.

Duemmegi home automation solutions integrate seamlessly with third-party systems to ensure your total security. If a break-in is attempted during the night, the home automation system will implement a series of countermeasures that go far beyond activating the alarm siren. For example, it can:

turn on the lights in the entire house or just one area.

display area where the alarm is coming from on your bedroom TV.

block access to the sleeping area.

There are endless possibilities for customization.